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AEG 7 Series Digital Filter Coffee Machine 1100 W - Stainless Steel KF7800-U

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AEG 7 Series Digital Filter Coffee Machine 1100 W - Stainless Steel KF7800-U 

12 cup glass jug
24 hour programmable timer
Variable keep warm function
Programmable high contrast LCD display
Detachable water tank

The stainless steel 12-cup drip coffee maker comes with a 24 Hour Auto-Start function, AromaStrength Selector, PureAdvantage Water filter and Programmable HighContrast LCD display for top results.

The AEG 7 Series premium kitchen appliances
With smart innovative features and timeless design, the 7 series range by AEG is designed to inspire simply optimum results in your kitchen. Each of the small kitchen appliances comes with sleek, seamless design and intuitive, modern controls – so you can get the best results out of your everyday food and drink.

Imagine waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee every morning. The 24 Hour programmable Auto-Start function makes it possible. Simply program through the clear HighContrast LCD display, when you want your coffee maker to start brewing and wake up to the beautiful aroma of your favourite beans.

Aroma Strength Selector
The AromaStrength selector makes it easy to automatically adjust the coffee strength to a desired level at the push of a button. Choose a stronger cup on a busy morning or go lighter for a lazy afternoon.

PureAdvantage Water Filter
The AEG coffee maker comes with a built-in water filtration system to create a better coffee aroma and taste. The replaceable water filter assures you of fresh-tasting coffee for years to come.

In addition the exchangeable PureAdvantage freshwater filter removes chlorine and bad odours. The filtered water not only improves the taste of coffee enormously it also prevents scale build up.

Detachable water tank
It’s as simple as counting to twelve. The large detachable water tank on this coffee maker is clear and serves up to twelve cups of coffee. Easy removal and easy filling, to make your coffee experience an even more pleasant one.

HighContrast LCD-technology
Reversed LCD-technology with blue back light makes the display easy to read.

Seemless stainless steel design
The design of the AEG Premium 7 Series expresses pure quality on your kitchen counter top. This premium line exists out of different products and is made from stainless steel.

Keep warm function
The KF7800 keep warm function means freshly brewed coffee can be enjoyed up to 40 minutes later still hot. Ideal for a later second cup or for a leisurely afternoon with coffee and cake.

Gold Tone paperless filter
The reusable and dishwasher-safe gold tone coffee filter, means you no longer need paper filter bags, which protects the environment and saves you money. Pure coffee flavour can unfold perfectly through the high-quality micro-fine gold tone fabric. The coffee oils responsible for a delicious taste are passed through this special coffee filter, giving you a great tasting coffee.

A Great way to start your day
A cup of coffee is one of great ways to start the day. Freshly brewed coffee in the kitchen. The flavour and aroma setting is individually adjustable by pressing a button. The uniform distribution of water in the filter through the innovative ProBrew Shower system brings the coffee flavour to fully develop.