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Buffalo Commercial Rice Cooker 6Ltr Capacity 13Ltr Cooked Rice / 6Ltr Dry Rice

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Buffalo Commercial Rice Cooker 6Ltr Capacity 13Ltr Cooked Rice / 6Ltr Dry Rice

If you need to steam bulk quantities of short or long grain rice, look no further than the Buffalo 6 litre commercial rice cooker. Designed for performance, efficiency and reliability, the cooker quickly creates deliciously fluffy rice and then keeps it warm and ready to serve for extended periods.

The rice cooker is exceptionally easy to use. Simply add up to six litres of uncooked rice to the non-stick bowl. Then, add the water, close the lid and switch on. Within no time, you have up to 13 litres of rice (around 52x 250ml servings) ready to go - perfect for takeaways, restaurants, food courts and more. Rice measure and utensils included, as well as a handy silicone liner to ease cleaning.

Please note: this is a very large professional unit designed to cook rice in bulk - ensure this cooker is suitable for your kitchen by checking the size/dimensions before purchase.

Can the Buffalo rice cooker steam brown rice?

Yes, the Buffalo rice cooker is a professional solution for cooking most types of rice, including brown and short-grain sushi-style or Korean sticky rices. The non-stick inner pot and silicone liner ensure even the stickiest rices are easily cooked and accessed.

How much water should I use in the Buffalo rice cooker?

As a general rule of thumb, you should use one full cup of water for each full cup of dry rice you add. If you're looking for a softer, fluffier rice, add a little more. Firmer or sticky rice should use slightly less.

How much does rice expand?

Rice usually doubles or triples in size depending on the amount of water you use. As such, it's important to not overfill a rice cooker - too much can prevent the rice cooking properly. In the most severe cases, overfill could even damage a rice cooker.

Product features

Capacity 13Ltr Cooked Rice / 6Ltr Dry Rice
Dimensions 345(H) x 460(W) x 400(D)mm
Dimensions - internal Inner pot: 200(H) x 300 (Ø)mm
Finish - external Stainless steel lid and body
Output 52 portions of rice
Power Type 1.95kW, 50hz, 8.5A
Voltage 230V
Warranty 1 Year Parts & Labour
Weight 10.4kg
Colour Stainless Steel & Black
Auto switch from cook to warm - no need to monitor cooking progress
Extra heavy-duty non-stick inner pot
Non-scratch spatula and rice measure included
Stay-cool handles allow easy positioning
Approx 35-40 min cooking time (white rice)
Lid includes condensation collection container to reduce hot water dripping when open