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Dreamland Intelliheat, Soft Touch Skin Friendly, Fast Heat Multi Purpose Electric Heat Pad

Dreamland Intelliheat, Soft Touch Skin Friendly, Fast Heat Multi Purpose Electric Heat Pad
Dreamland, the UK’s most-trusted heated product brand, introduces a new range of deluxe Intelliheat heat pads that will make your trusty hot water bottle redundant forever.

The premium heat pads come in a range of sizes and are ideal for use on areas that welcome heat, such as the back, neck, shoulders and abdomen. Incorporating the same innovative Intelliheat technology present in Dreamland’s top-of-the-range heated bedding and throws, the heat pads warm in minutes and offer five levels of precise temperature.

Unlike hot water bottles, Dreamland's Intelliheat heat pads retain the same level of constant heat, and their super soft-touch, skin-friendly material means they gently mould to the body for added, direct comfort.

These luxury Intelliheat heat pads come in a range of sizes and shapes, and their lightweight, flexible design means they are easily transportable around the home or at the office. Costing as little as 1p per 3 hours of use, the range is fully machine washable and each model boasts the latest technology for peace of mind. With no need to boil the kettle or worry about handling hot water, Dreamland's Intelliheat heat pads will retain temperature until switched off, or shut off automatically after three hours for complete peace of mind.

Suzanne Batty, spokesperson for Dreamland, says: “We’re excited to bring our groundbreaking Intelliheat technology to our heat pad range. We are certain that their soft-touch material, safety technology and attractive design will see people parting with their hot water bottles for good.""

""With a heritage of over 50 years’ experience designing and pioneering heated products, Dreamland has brought its extensive knowledge to bear when producing this range. Offering consumers something unique, the heat pads are luxurious, soft, economical, and reach temperature within seconds.""

Troubleshooting steps : - Always pre heat your Intelliheat Heat Pad on the maximum temperature setting No. 4 or 5.

- For continuous use, after pre heating on setting No. 4 or 5 for approximately 5 minutes, select a lower temperature setting between 1 (min) to 3(max).

- For easy use the heat pad has an automatic 3 hour shut off timer. When 3 hours has elapsed, the heat pad will automatically switch off and the standby light will be illuminated blue on your control, so all you need to do is relax and the heat pad will look after itself.

- Try to keep your heat pad as flat as possible when using.

- If the heat pad is “folded” or “rucked” when using, this may cause the heat pad to overheat and the overheat protection system would be activated.

- Do not cover the control when using.

- The heat pad is not suitable to use in bed.

- Do not sit on your heat pad.