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Salter Heston Blumenthal Precision Kitchen BBQ Timer Indoor + Outdoor Waterproof

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Salter Heston Blumenthal Precision Kitchen BBQ Timer Indoor + Outdoor Waterproof

99hr 59min 59 second timer with Unique Heston 20 seconds Turn Reminder; helping to improve the quality of your steaks, burgers, etc.
Cooking Temperature Check Reminder, timer function with a reminder alarm at 85% of total cooking time; encouraging temperature check for better quality cooking results
Large 85 x 23mm LCD for easy viewing, long loud beep warnings
Water Resistant (IPX5 rated), impact protective rubber
Self-standing, Count and countdown, Memory function

High Quality Cooking
The unique Heston turn reminder, as the quicker the meat browns, the less moisture is lost. Using the turn reminder will help you achieve an even cook and juicier results.

Large LCD Display
Featuring a large easy-to-read LCD display there will be no more squinting to try to read timings. The timer also features big buttons on the side for easy use.

Temperature Check Reminder
Perfect for both kitchen and BBQ the timer features turn reminder and temperature reminder mode for better quality cooking results.

Durable Silicone Casing
Designed with the typical British weather in mind - This unique precision timer is the ideal companion to a hot summers day around the BBQ and is equally reliable when rain arrives!
Heston Blumenthal Precision Kitchen BBQ Timer Indoor + Outdoor

Whether you’re creating delicious meals in the kitchen or on the BBQ outside, you want to ensure your timing is on point. Improve the quality of your cooking with the Heston Blumenthal Precision Indoor + Outdoor Kitchen Timer. Multi-tasking is made easy with the reminder option which will alert you when 15% of the time is remaining, leaving you plenty of time to get to your food. With a loud alarm, you will be able to hear when your food is ready even if you’ve just popped into a different room.

Indoor & Outdoor Compatible - Ideal for BBQ
Unique Turn Reminder
Temperature Check Reminder
99:59:59 Timing
Water Resistant
Count Up & Count Down Functions