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WeightWorld Circulator - Electric Foot & Leg Massage Machine

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WeightWorld Circulator - Electric Foot & Leg Massage Machine

✔ CE CERTIFIED FOOT MASSAGER - The Circulator is our advanced foot massage machine that helps support relaxation in your foot & leg muscles so that you can improve your comfort at home or on the go. Using advanced EXOPulse electrical impulses to stimulate muscles.

✔ ADVANCED MASSAGER FOR FEET & LEGS - Our performance tested device also works to stimulate each calf and leg. This is great for if you have strained legs from exercising or if you feel a little stiff from time to time.

✔ MASSAGER MACHINE 99 LEVELS OF MASSAGE FUNCTION - Enjoy an electric foot massage that is tailored to your needs. Our muscle stimulator has 99 individual levels so that you can pick a massage that suits you for improving comfort and relaxation whilst stimulating muscles.

✔ WITH EMS TENS PADS FOR YOUR BODY - This revolutionary device also works away from your feet and legs too! Our advanced massager machine comes with TENS pads that can be stuck to your back, arms, shoulders and other areas of the body for total body muscle stimulation.

✔ 2 YEAR WARRANTY WITH EVERY PURCHASE - Any device from WeightWorld has been made using only the best components and materials. That is why we offer 2 year protection with the Circulator where we will happily refund or replace if the device stops working.

EXOpulse Foot Massager Machine Device For Tackling Tired Legs.
The Circulator is an advanced home foot massaging device that works to provide a two-fold health experience. Get relaxed and enjoy a varied foot massage with this device but also experience EXOpulse technology for helping wake up your tired legs for greater ease of movement and comfort. The Circulator relies on its advanced EXOpulse technology, as well as 99 individual intensity levels to ensure you the perfect electronic muscle stimulation experience for you every time.

Advanced EXOpulse Technology
99 Levels Of Intensity
2kg Lightweight Design
With Body Pads

Health Benefits
Massages Feet
Stimulates Muscles
Fights Against Tired Legs
Pads For Other Muscles
Helps You Relax