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Yamaha Pool Jet Seascooter 2020 Version

SKU 114256085078
Yamaha® Pool Jet Seascooter 2020 Version 

Yamaha Seascooter POOLJET Recreational Series for children.
Weight of only 1.6 kg – Dimensions: 27 x 26.2 x 20 cm.
7.2V/2Ah Li-Ion battery included - Battery life 20'/30' depending on use.
Single speed with maximum speed of 2km/h.
Charger included.

Acquascooter Electric

Seascooter Electric Aquascooter for Children Ages 5 Years Yamaha Pooljet Li-Ion Battery 2 km/h Blue
YAMAHA POOLJET is the seascooter with great features at a very affordable price. Lithium-ion battery, innovative and compact design, very low weight of only 1.6 kg, make the Yamaha Seascooter PoolJet the best companion for every child.

YAMAHA POOLJET is the latest born of the YAMAHA Recrational Series. POOLJET abandons the classic torpedo shape of the other Yamaha Seascooter in favor of a more compact and handy, even more suitable design and tailored for children.

POOLJET from Yamaha Seascooter, is very light, weighs only 1.6 kg and has a positive buoyancy value, not modifiable, so that the vehicle floats on the surface of the water. The propeller, duly protected by a safety grid, is driven by two triggers which need to be pressed together to allow the electric motor to start delivering power and reach the maximum speed of 2km/h.

Technical features Aquascooter electric for children from 5 years Yamaha Pooljet Blue.
Category: Recreational Series
Material: Polypropylene
Dimensions: 27 x 26.2 x 20 cm.
Weight: 1.6 kg.
Colour: Blue
Battery: Li-Ion 7.2 V / 2 Ah included.
Charger: included
Motor: Electric.
Charging time: 2/3 hours.
Battery life: 20'/30' depending on use
Standard setting: Positive.
Propeller rotation speed: 1-speed.
Maximum speed: 2 km/h.