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Yamaha Scout Seascooter 2020 Version

SKU 114256087042
Yamaha® Scout Seascooter 2020 Version

Weight: 3.3 kg; Working time: 40/60 minutes
Battery: 12 V/5.4 AH
Gears: 1; Speed Range: 1.6 Km/h
Charging time: 10/12 hours
Depth: 3 m/10 ft

Scout model and is the smallest and lightest of the Seascooter Yamaha range, suitable for children 8 to 10 years (up to 45 kg), which, under the supervision of an adult, they want to underwater with the first experiences with a Propulsion Vehicle Camera Housing, allowing to achieve the maximum depth of 3 metres/10 ft, or pass an hour of fun to the sea, to the lake or in the pool with a single charge. Weighs only 3.3 kg Battery included, so also be transported without any effort from the smallest and reaches the maximum speed of 1.6 km/h in water, Merit of the particular shape of the shell that, remembering that of the professional DPV, is made in order to little water resistance. Upgrading is positive, therefore the DPV will tend to return to surface when it is not used. 

The value of buoyancy is reported to use in saltwater, in different fresh water could behave unobstructed usually to sinking slightly. The operation is simple and intuitive. By pressing the activation button, the Elica, inserted in a casing to prevent any risk of contact with users, it will function and for stopping it simply release the button, in this way the Seascooter will stop automatically. Shutdown Of This Underwater vehicle is via on/off lever. The water scooter Yamaha Scout is the companion of underwater adventures for each child.